We have a team that is dedicated for the maintenance of elevators, and they pass to check them regularly and to ensure they are working well and in good condition to avoid any repeated failures. We also have a system for regular maintenance as follows: Regular checkup for the elevator twice a months and that includes:

  • Reviewing all the movements and the parts of the machine room,
  • Checking all the parts of the elevators and searching for any failures,
  • If there was any failure due to absence of electric current, we will present a quote for the procedures and cost needed to do what is necessary to make the elevator work by importing and installing an operating switchboard to ensure moving the elevator to the closest level in case the electric power went out.
  • We can be reached by phone between 9 am and 5 pm to handle and fix and failures.
  • There is an emergency team that can handle any failures during the days of formal holyday.