• We at Misr Engineering and Trade Co. has standard using relevant solutions to help installing elevators and to help in overcoming all kinds of problems and obstacles.


  • It is not a must to have 3 phase 380 volts electric power,
  • We have elevators that can be installed which work on the normal electric current 220VAC manufactured by ARITCO,
  • It is not necessary to have a room for the elevators on top of the building to install the machine,
  • We have machines that can be installed over the stairwell and suitable for all stairwell sizes, MRL (Machine Room Les).
  • We have machines that can be installed under the stairwell.
  • Where there is no space in the bottom of the stairwell, we can install elevators,
Depth of stairwell hole Type of Elevator
50,– mm Aritco
100,– mm Aritco
500,– mm LEA MRL


  • The company can also overcome the absence of space after the last stop of the elevator (Head room)
Head Shaft Room length Type of Elevator
2240,– mm Aritco
2820,– mm LEA MRL
3500,– mm LEA MRL


  • The company can make customized measures according to the available space in any stairwell and according to the conditions and specifications of the elevator stairwell.